Slush?! In August?!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well, we left Fernie this morning, saying good-bye to the Jeffery Family. Our first stop on the way to Calgary was at the biggest truck in the world at Sparwood followed by a stop at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre. We watched a couple of docudramas there before moving on. Our lunch stop was at the Bar U Ranch, a national historic site on Highway 22. The food was really good, homemade fare. We didn’t get to contemplate actually touring the grounds though since while we were eating the sky darkened and dropped a ?x!l load of water on us. What we didn’t know was that further down the road it was actually hailing heavily. Not long after we left the ranch we hit a stretch of highway covered in slush and managed to zigzag across the road a couple of times before regaining control. Thankfully there was nobody coming towards us or we’d probably have been toast. I like to think the guy driving the Hummer behind us would have stopped to help. But this speculation is mute becuase we came out of it just fine and continued on at a slower pace, just in case. It did rain the whole way into Calgary, but no more hail.

We were impressed with the Garmin travel GPS that Dan got a couple of years ago, though. When we arrived in the outskirts of Calgary and started up the Deerfoot the GPS altered its directions and took us around a traffic back up that was caused by an accident. We didn’t know it could do that. Cool! Dan’s also been playing around with the voice the things speaks in. It’s currently set to speak with the voice of an Australian female. We get a giggle out of it.

After arriving at Mom Guigon’s we took her out for supper to the Red Lobster and then returned home to watch (at Jarod’s insistence) the pilot episode of MacGuyver. Man, was Richard Dean Anderson ever young!

Wildlife sighting: 2 hitchikers

Adelle 🙂


Looks like you’re having fun! Drive carefully – that Alberta summer slush is a ….well….you-know-what. Having fun following you guys on your trip! From Zoe Raemer, on Aug 15, 2010 at 07:42PM

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